5 Reasons to Choose Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops offer an innovative option that is very popular for today’s modern kitchens. Solid surface countertops offer a cost-effective design solution that represents the perfect blend of beauty, quality and functionality. If you’re building a new home or renovating your kitchen, there are a number of great reasons to choose quartz or granite countertops!


Virtually invisible seams mean limitless design possibility, as well as superior hygienic performance. There are no grout lines, caulked or epoxy joints (as with natural stone) to catch dirt and germs. And because the solid surface is non-porous, bacteria and fungi will not grow on it. The salmonella that finds its way into most other surfaces will not last on a solid surface. For this reason, solid surface and stainless steel are the only two surfaces that have received the NSF 31 approval for use in food preparation areas, and for ease of maintenance and cleanliness, are unmatched.

Renewable and Repairable:

Practically any damage can be fixed easily to like-new condition; entire sections can be cut out and replaced seamlessly if needed. As the kitchen counter ages, it can be re-polished back to new conditions as needed. Only solid surface countertops are capable of this renewal, giving them a longer lifespan.

Easily Worked and Shaped:

Custom shapes and design elements are easily achieved with common woodworking routers and bits, making custom designs more affordable. The countertops can be custom-made to any thickness you require as well.

Sinks can be Installed Integrally:

By fusing the sink into the countertop, you eliminate the need for caulking which means less maintenance, no crevices or cracks for bacteria to breed in and no-sag with the sink over time.

Long Warranty:

When the solid surface countertop is fabricated and installed by trained and certified technicians, the manufacturer will often offer a long-term warranty plan to cover damages over time. ACF Surfaces offers a 10-year guarantee against defects, providing you peace of mind for a decade to come!

More Than Just Countertops:

This technology goes beyond just your countertops! Acrylic and solid surface sinks, which offer the same sanity benefits, are the perfect choice for kitchens or bathrooms. Because it is unaffected by moisture, solid surface bath and shower walls are also becoming an increasingly popular application. Due to low moisture absorption and resistance to stains, a solid surface is a great option for signage, windowsills, and even exterior building cladding. Choosing a solid surface for your exterior application offers many impressive performance factors including unmatched durability, flexibility, longevity, resistance to environmental pollutants and temperatures, and easy restoration of appearance.

ACF Surfaces Inc. has 17 years of industry experience as a fabricator and installer of solid surface materials. We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and product excellence at competitive prices. Article produced by The Marc & Mandy Show.