Our People

Serving You Reliably Since 1994

We’re here to make your design dreams a reality with leading-edge technology and design innovation that’s built to last. ACF Surfaces Inc. has earned a reputation for giving our clients the best value on industry-leading products due to the strong leadership of our founder and the competency of our team.

Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you find the ideal solution for your home or workplace. With custom on-site measurements and professional installations, you can rest assured that your product choice will be tailored to meet your exact specifications, giving you the look you desire while providing unparalleled performance and longevity.


President / Owner, ACF Surfaces Inc.

Rick Walker, President, and Founder of ACF Surfaces Inc. has over 23 years of experience in the solid surface industry. His vision was for a company that could offer exceptional solid surface products that would be known for their quality and value, backed by the highest level of customer service. As a certified construction engineer technician with over 30 years of experience in the industry, he continuously strives to deliver a wide range of products that offer his clients cutting-edge innovation, better flexibility, unmatched beauty, and functionality.


Vice President / Owner, ACF Surfaces Inc.

Jeremy (Jay) Malec brings 23 years of experience working in natural stone, measuring and templating in the countertop industry as well as designing flooring layouts and a background in general contracting. From granite and marble to quartz and quartzite, Jay’s vision and expertise have placed him at the top of the industry by name and by experience. Hotels, casinos, showcases, wall faces, if you can think of it in stone Jay has most likely made it in stone.


Production Manager

Since 1996, Steve has been a vital asset to the ACF Surfaces Inc. team, monitoring operational performance and bringing a highly professional and practical approach to the job. With over 10 years of related experience in the renovation and construction industry, he’s a seasoned pro when it comes to coordinating production activities, managing strategic production decisions, and seeing projects through to completion. He’s also got the expertise and creative ingenuity to solve production problems, so clients can have peace of mind knowing that their jobs will always get done right and on time.


Office Manager

Heather first joined ACF Surfaces Inc. in 2008 and is the friendly voice our clients are so accustomed to hearing when they call our office. With over 12 years of combined administration service, she knows how to keep the team running smoothly and effectively. Her responsibilities include scheduling, accounts receivable, and above all providing first-rate customer service. She takes great pleasure in keeping our clients happy by making sure they are always well taken care of.